28 Feb 2018

8 Reasons Why Fridays are better than a Monday for an Event

As part of our Neuroscaping™ research, we are always asking our researchers random questions. Here is one that we wanted to share with you:

If you had to pick between hosting an event on a Monday or a Friday, which one would you pick?

We looked into the science behind this question and determined that in general, a Friday is a better option over a Monday event. Here’s what we found:

  1. One study found that people generally prefer a Friday off vs. a Monday off from work. Attending a work or personal event during work hours feels like time off.
  2. People (& coworkers) have expectations that Monday is a workday, a return to routine, and that a Monday “time out of office” may be more disruptive to the weekly work cycle.
  3. On average, people have slightly more negative moods and less positive moods on Mondays compared to other weekdays (especially Friday & weekends).
  4. Some evidence suggested that people may anticipate workweek stress on Sunday nights as they have higher levels of stress hormone (cortisol) on Monday mornings (vs Sunday).
  5. At first,  we thought people would be more rested on a Monday as people get tired through the week. Generally, people get slightly less sleep on weekdays vs weekends (~30mins/night by one estimate). However, this seems less influential than expected.
  6. Fridays may encourage savoring the upcoming event, similar to how we feel pleasure on Thursday when we think about the approaching weekend.
  7. People have positive stereotypes of Fridays (“Thank Goodness It’s Friday”) and negative stereotypes of Mondays (“Monday blues”). These stereotypes can affect how we remember feeling (e.g., when we remember our moods on Mondays, our stereotypes skew the memory to be more negative than we actually felt).
  8. Some evidence suggests that people eliminate stressors throughout the week by finishing work tasks before the weekend.

Basically, people are probably slightly behind on sleep on a Friday, but a variety of other factors means that people will probably “feel” better on a Friday, will remember feeling even better at the event & will be less disrupted in their weekly work cycles. Of course, it’s always best to avoid the Friday of a long weekend as attendance could suffer.

What is your preference for an event- a Monday or a Friday? 

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