The average person retains only 26% of the information from a typical presentation.

So, why bring people together when they retain so little of what’s being presented?

What if you could reach each person in your audience, engage them with your message, and inspire them to act in a meaningful way?


    In this industry, people use the word “engagement” all the time. But for us, it’s not a buzzword or a false promise. Engagement is the net result of science, wisdom, and proven strategies. It’s about connecting with people on a human level and finding ways to reach and inspire them to achieve their full potential. We apply the research and watch for results, then we tweak our approach to ensure we’re always reaching the
    most people and making the greatest impact. After 19 years, we have this process down to a science. Engagement means connecting with people emotionally and elevating retention rates as a result. We believe that business communications should be powerful, nuanced, memorable, and bold. Great companies are already proving that this works. Our clients are proving that this works.