Leading the Brave.

    Ben believes that events and communications must focus on the individual, speaking to the emotional brain and moving people fluidly toward a desired outcome or action. Ben works tirelessly at the helm of Debut, to help clients reach their people in this way. Ben is committed to authenticity; in the work he produces and the way he leads the Debut team. He approaches every event and initiative as an opportunity to enhance the client’s brand. When Ben founded Debut Group® in 1997, his goal was to provide an alternative to those seeking a fresh, authentic communications experience. Today he’s revolutionizing the way large and small companies communicate, drawing upon findings from research in the fields of neuroscience and human psychology. A thought leader in the industry, Ben is often called upon to speak at conferences and deliver keynotes. He contributes to a number of trade magazines and is passionate about sharing his vision for a new era of events and corporate communications. Read his musings, articles and creative philosophies on the Debut Blog.

    SPEAKING TOPICS: The Emotionally Invested Audience, Re-Engineering
    Events for Greater Retention, and Power of Video