01 Mar 2017

InspireMe: The Toronto Show

Guest Contributor: Ian Thompson

We are working with a new automotive client and wanted to check out how they were presenting themselves to consumers, so I decided to conduct a recon mission at the Toronto Auto Show. As a car guy I was personally motivated to see what was new and exciting in the auto world. As a Motion Graphics, Video & Design artist I was curious to see what cool new techniques and trends I could discover.

The booths that caught and kept my attention were Cadillac, Volkswagen, KIA, Ford and BMW.

KIA actually had arguably the best multimedia presentation with their moving hexagon shapes that really gave the impression that the screen was moving in and out.  The Video wall in the booth had an amazing lifelike nature to it, and It really felt like the screen was moving.

The Ford booth videos where particularly interesting because they were employing serious use of theta waves (like we have been doing for years). The entire booth (which was huge) was humming with different tones that were definitely affecting me while I was there!   They had some really nice video production elements on their screen, and they were very trendy with their motion graphics. I was surprised by how much I liked being in their booth, they also employed an “adult colouring book” idea by having a station where people could colour in buttons and then take them home.

As an automotive enthusiast I am not personally interested in any of these brands, but I was most compelled and spent the most time in the Ford booth.  I think this had a lot to do with the audio, it just felt like a place I wanted to explore.

The Cadillac booth had a very impressive 180 degree curved screen that looked amazing, and the video that played on this screen looked fantastic.

As a BMW fan I was expecting to be compelled by their booth, and it didn’t disappoint. It was impressive to see just how magnetic the booth was. Their design was so clean and focused and polished, it made being in the booth feel like you were standing in a BMW Ad and they didn’t even have a video.

One of the biggest recurring themes of this years show was Virtual Reality.  Almost every booth had some form of 360 video or VR experience.  But in my opinion it fell flat. The biggest thing I learned from this is that while the technology is impressive, the effects weren’t what they could have been because the compelling content wasn’t there.

Overall, the show turned to be a great source of inspiration.   Check out some of my photos.


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