15 Jul 2017

Neuroscaping™ Article: Using Nature to Boost Engagement & Attention

Last year we were in Vienna working out of a Hilton, sitting inside dim meeting rooms for 12 hours at a time (sound familiar?). At the end of each day, we’d walk to this vibrant neighbourhood nearby for dinner. There were three different routes we could take to get there. But, every time we left the hotel that week, I noticed that we’d all naturally walk in the same direction—toward the big park with a scenic pathway through the middle.

As soon as we were surrounded by trees, flowers, birds, and water, we’d all start to feel more energized and revitalized almost instantly. Even after a full day of meetings, you could sense the energy shift in our group. There was something powerful about the effect the natural surroundings had on us, and I started to think about how we could bring these effects into our meetings and events.

Click here for the full article: https://www.corporatemeetingsnetwork.ca/2017/07/07/nature-engagement-attention-next-event/

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