A Custom & Creative Team Building Activity Experience

In 2014 Debut designed, developed, and executed a customized team building initiative for a large pharmaceutical organization that was integrated into its annual meeting. The initiative was developed to encourage the company’s sales support teams to work cooperatively in an entertaining and engaging activity (a photojournalism scavenger hunt) that integrated the event’s spectacular setting (Palm Spring’s San Andreas Fault Zone) and the fundamental corporate values and principals of the organization (diversity of thought, creativity/innovation, etc.).

Debut worked with the corporation to develop a program that would challenge team members to connect with one another while leveraging the surrounding environment in a memorable way. The activity wrapped up with breathtaking sunset BBQ and star gazing event that further reinforced the key objectives of the group.

All images captured by the teams as part of the teambuilding activity were then used in post-conference communications to extend the messages established at the conference.