Nissan Micra Launch

An Automotive Launch In True Mexican Style

The long-awaited return of the Nissan Micra (a small, no-frills car) to the Canadian landscape—a strategic coup for Nissan Canada and its new president—called for a momentous occasion to excite and inspire the Canadian dealers. The destination—Mexico, home to Nissan’s Aguascalientes manufacturing facility, where the Micra is built.

Debut creatively and skillfully designed and produced a trip that would see the Canadian dealers experience 4 events, in 3 venues, over 2 days. Logistically complex, but filled with memorable moments for attendees, the trip included a massive ceremonial reveal of the first Canadian Micra coming off the production line, as workers from the plant celebrated the vehicle and dealers with true Mexican pride and spirit. Nissan Canada’s president invited all dealers, executives and dignitaries to sign the vehicle, destined to be proudly displayed back at the head office in Mississauga.