Revitalizing an Awards Gala

An emotional, touching, and celebratory salute that revitalized an annual awards gala

Every year, this Financial Services organization brings their top performers from around the world together to profile and recognize high performance that reinforce the company’s vision, values, and brand attributes. For the past three years, Debut has worked with the event committee to create this prestigious event that inspires and engages the audience, while celebrating the international scope and values of the organization and recognizing the successes of current and present honourees.

Debut makes an emotive connection by giving the accomplishment of becoming an honouree real meaning with an emotional, touching, and celebratory salute. A stunning environment, beautiful design, a moving performance, and elegance in every detail builds on the past ceremonies and looks to the future. The added value Debut brings to this recognition is for the recipients. It is a warm, people oriented, emotional connection created through the stories of what makes an honouree stand out.