Automotive launch heard from the mountain top

Debut has been working with this automotive manufacturer for more than a decade to customize programs that are unique, memorable, and effective. In 2012 Nissan was looking to launch the new model of one of its bestselling to a group of dealers from across Canada (principals and GMs). The event would be an opportunity for executives from Head Office to share business objectives for the coming year while revealing the new vehicle. The dealers were flown in from across the country to Vancouver where they all gathered for the three-day event.

The welcome reception and reveal was staged on the top of Grouse Mountain, a setting that would prove ideal for the rural-meets-urban theme of this particular launch. Following a cocktail reception on the mountain, Debut utilized a number of experiential elements including dry ice, cryo-jets, an ethereal soundscape weaving in native drumming, and a recorded narrative story to introduce the vehicle. The well-choreographed reveal captured the attention of the attendees as three vehicles drove down the side of the mountain stopping where the dealers were gathered.

The idea was to take something they’d all experienced before—a new vehicle reveal—and turn it into something exciting and unexpected. The mountain setting and concept followed by a dinner reception and car-viewing, all developed by Debut, worked to create a launch event that dealers would be talking about for some time.