Bringing ‘Patient Centricity’ to Life Pharma National Sales Meeting, January 2014

This meeting was a departure from the traditional national conferences Debut had produced in the past for this large pharmaceutical client. Eager to create something memorable and different, the Debut team worked with the client to develop a unique creative platform and conference brand that would drive home the company objective to focus on patient centricity.

The event platform was based on a simple, yet impactful question: “What’s Next?” This question was altered slightly each day to incorporate specific objectives, creating a seamless brand platform that arced over the entire week.

To help attendees (sales, marketing, and medical liaison reps) relate to the patient experience—and ultimately “walk in the patient’s shoes”—Debut reimagined the opening session and developed an immersive, experiential rotational opening that took participants through three sessions that focused on a key issue in the healthcare industry, highlighted by a specific therapeutic area. Through real patient life journeys, panel discussions, HCP insight, role-playing, and experiential room setups (triage station, hospital-style floor navigation, waiting room seating, and a patient gallery) Debut was able to bring the patient experience to the forefront. At the end of the session, reps gained valuable insight into the patient perspective, truly inspiring and empowering them to re-think their role so they could act with the patients’ needs top of mind.