Changing Minds, Changing Lives

Launching a New Drug For a National Pharmaceutical Client

Debut worked with two pharmaceutical companies—both of which are built on the belief that patients matter most—to help them launch a new drug that could be life changing for their customers, their patients, and caregivers. Challenged with a sensitive topic and a drug that medical professionals weren’t yet comfortable with, Debut set out to engage the sales force with the common goal of Changing Minds (of prescribers, doctors, and caregivers) and Changing Lives (of patients and their loved ones).

Throughout the event Debut weaved themes of music (the power of music to change lives) and the patient experience. The audience was taken on a journey that was in equal parts emotionally intense and inspiring. From skillfully selected keynote speakers (including famed conductor, Benjamin Zander) to live musical and dance performances (woven into the storyline as a touch-point to re-emphasize the message) to a continuous patient narrative complete with a live appearance of the patient and his doctor—Debut demonstrated the important role of the sales force in changing minds and essentially changing lives. Every element of the meeting was thoughtfully tied into the main theme, ensuring a connection that would last long after the conference was over. Speakers were passionate and engaging and audience members were moved on a deep level. The client knew that the year ahead would be challenging and that changing minds wouldn’t be easy, but the team left the event empowered to make this new product a success.