Defining Moments Inspire and Move Your Team

Energizing a crowd doesn’t have to involve fireworks or expensive special effects, sometimes all it takes is a good story.

That’s what DEBUT did at a National Pharma Conference in New Orleans. Using a number of different elements, including a 100 foot LED surface, a brass band and a live story teller to narrate, we emotionally engaged the audience by taking them on a journey through Defining Moments. The story began with moments that shaped the city of New Orleans; the culture – rich with music and food, the effects of Hurricane Katrina, and the determination of its people to rebuild; then continued with the Defining Moments for the brand with sales reps sharing their Defining Moments live on-stage, and members of the executive team commenting on the Defining Moments in the life cycle of the Brand. The story ended by asking the 1,000 member team the all important question: ‘What will YOUR Defining Moment be?’

Sharing intimate stories and experiences brought the audience together by taking them on an emotional journey both in and out of the boardroom; creating a Defining Moment they wouldn’t soon forget.