Natures Fireworks provided for an Untraditional Reveal EX Infiniti Launch

Debut created a unique & untraditional reveal of the new EX Infiniti model for the dealer team in Lake Louise, Albert. Focused on tapping emotions and leveraging the element of surprise to enhance excitement, the launch capitalized on the natural resources and breathtaking scenery of the event location.

During an outdoor reception in Lake Louise Park, a champagne toast and choreographed speech were heightened with a twist as a moving boys choir serenaded attendees as a decoy topiary rotated to reveal the new EX Vehicle. As the car came into sight, two-dozen white doves were released to create a WOW moment… a true use of nature’s pyro.

A twist on the expected to create an unforgettable reveal for the Director and his team; while leveraging the power of the natural environment of Lake Louise.