14 Nov 2017

PRESS RELEASE: It’s Neuroscience for the Win in the Battle to Drive Hearts and Minds from Distraction to Action

TORONTO, Nov. 14, 2017 /CNW/ – If you’re relying on a flashy multimedia presentation to engage stakeholders at your next event, prepare to generate a base hit at best. According to one of North America’s leading corporate events agencies, truly knocking it out of the park today requires a blend of art and science, brain science to be exact.

Following years of in-the-trenches research, The Debut Group® now relies on an in-house neuroscience research team to allow them to take the concept of delivering key messages to an entirely new level. The Debut Group® continuously mines the latest research and trends in behavioral science, psychology and adult learning principles, which has allowed them to develop a proprietary process called Neuroscaping™. At a Neuroscaped™ event, every touchpoint of the experience is mapped with science-backed methods to increase immersion, improve message retention and elevate engagement. From paradigm shifting event architecture, to brain waves that are embedded into the event’s musical soundtrack, Debut’s team creates multi-sensory stories that activate the brain on both the conscious and subconscious level to stir attendees into action.

“After years of intense discovery, I can confidently say that while compelling creative may be able to get you most of the way in the world of event design, science can just take you so much further. There is immense competition at the gateway to the human mind. If you’re only firing at the level of sight and sound, you’re simply not going to get there,” said Ben Moorsom, The Debut Group’s President, Chief Creative Officer and Event Hacker. Later this week, Moorsom will speak on the topic of Neuroscaping™ in Porto, Portugal at the BEA World Festival, The International Festival of Events and Live Communications.

For the full Press Release see: http://bit.ly/2zJvUrY

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