05 May 2016

Top 5 Tech Picks to Boost Engagement & Amplify the Event Experience

Written by: Kyle Smith, Debut Producer

If you want to get the most bang for your technology bucks, you’ll want to ensure the tech you choose is carefully tailored to the goals of your event. When it comes to boosting engagement, we know that the big bang isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. That being said, some of these impressive and often awe-worthy technologies can really boost an event experience, if utilized strategically. The idea is to choose the technology that brings the event story together in the best possible way. Here are five tech gadgets and trends we’re following—and bringing to life in our events, when appropriate.

Projection mapping: This projection technology is used to turn irregularly shaped objects or spaces into a display surface for video projection. The marriage between video and storytelling, projection mapping is a creative tool that can help bring your event narrative to life. The transformative nature of this technology means you can create the illusion of an inanimate object coming “alive” or transform an ordinary event space into something else entirely. To experience how this technology works, watch this presentation by Montreal’s Moment Factory, which was created for the ISU World Figure Skating Championships in London Ontario. Consider projection mapping as a tool to emotionally charge your event or catch attendees off-guard with something unexpected.

LED Wearable TechnologyLED wearables: Transform a branded wristband into a customized light show where the audience becomes part of the performance. Some corporate uses for these devices include highlighting key moments during an event, identifying various groups in attendance, or executing prize draws. This technology can be used to boost the interactivity of an awards show or opening event ceremony, while providing an experience that’s captivating. If used in the right way, LED wearables won’t just add flash but will contribute to the story-telling aspect of your event.

Mann_catchbox_Gruen_wurf_riesig Catchbox: Have you ever found the logistics of coordinating a microphone runner to be cumbersome? Catchbox provides an engaging solution that transforms a typical microphone into a throwable ‘box’ that can easily be passed from person to person—making question asking more efficient while also breaking the ice in a fun way. What makes Catchbox a viable solution for events and meetings large and small, is it’s light and durable structure built in automute technology that cuts all unwanted sounds when the box is in motion.

Periscope: The Periscope app allows users to broadcast live events across the web using a Smartphone. It provides a singular user’s perspective of an event as it’s taking place, and gives viewers the opportunity to experience something as though they are actually there. This app can be integrated into public and/or consumer events where worldwide access benefits the brand or event producer. Consider the launch or reveal of a new product or brand where attendees are invited and can now amplify the experience further by broadcasting it via Periscope to a broader audience. The Periscope app leverages the power of Influencers, allowing them to not only write about an event in real time using social media but to also stream it using their phone’s video functionality. If you’re looking to reach the public beyond the scope of your audience, Periscope is an interesting tactic to consider.

Google CardboardGoogle Cardboard: This tech trend allows users to experience virtual reality from their Smartphones. Affordable Google Cardboard viewers, which can be customized for corporate purposes, paired with apps that allow for the streaming of 3D video content, mean transformative experiences can happen from the comfort of your own desk. Imagine brining to life a destination teaser video into an immersive 3D experience that each attendee is invited to view when they’re sent a customized Google Cardboard viewer in the mail. As virtual reality becomes increasingly popular, new and exciting uses for Google Cardboard will continue to emerge.

There’s no question that technology is changing the way events and meetings are being experienced—and new opportunities are being developed almost daily. The key is to remain on top of new developments, and find creative and strategic ways to integrate these applications and devices.

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