Our Top 5 must haves for staying productive when we travel

As you probably know, January and February are two of the busiest months for travel in the meeting world. From plan of action meetings to sales kick offs, we’re spending a lot of time on the road, and in the air, traveling across the country and across the globe. Remaining productive while in transit is essential for us, which is why there are a few things we’ll never leave home (or the office) without.

A good piece of carry on luggage is essential when you’re jetting all over the place for just a few days at a time. On a recent trip to Germany, our Senior Producer Arti’s luggage was all the rage amongst our fellow travelers. Who knew a bag from IKEA would be so impressive? The UPPTACKA is a backpack on wheels/ carry-on bag, that’s light enough to throw on your back, large enough to hold everything you need for a short business trip, and durable enough that it will withstand wear and tear of a frequent traveler. Poor Arti was ready to go immediately coming off the plane but got stuck waiting around for over 25 minutes while the rest of the team got their checked luggage.

  1. A laptop privacy screen is key to maximizing your productivity on planes and in airports. When you’re taking your work on the road you don’t want to be worrying that competitors might catch a glimpse of a project or that clients you’re traveling with will see you working on another client’s stuff. To ensure you can work anywhere without wondering who’s looking over your shoulder, don’t leave the office without one of these.
  2. If you’re easily distracted by the sights and sounds around you, working on the go might prove challenging. With a good pair of noise-canceling headphones you can not only escape into your own world; you can also focus on editing music, previewing videos, zoning-out to a peaceful meditation, or just kicking back and listening to music or movie that’ll inspire creativity.
  3. Want to keep using all of your devices without service interruptions, crazy roaming charges, or shocking bills waiting for you when you get home? You’ll need to get one of these! A mobile hotspot grabs a cellular connection and turns it into your own personal WIFI signal. For a low daily fee, you guarantee uninterrupted productivity, no matter where you are. This is a necessity for any road warier who needs access to the web at all times—and who doesn’t these days! Here are a couple of brands that we like to use: xcomglobal.com and yourkarma.com.
  4. Finally, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting into your hotel room and finding only one plug that you can access. Packing a Portable Power Strip with a will allow you to charge multiple devices at once, using only one plug, and of course, your one international adaptor/converter. This small and light-weight tool will help you plug in your phone, your tablet and computer in one spot… saving you the hassle of moving furniture and of not forgetting a charger when you leave.

Taking these travel must-haves with you when you go on your next business trip will go a long way toward maximizing your productivity while you’re out of the office. Bon Voyage!

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