Neuroscaping® is a process for designing live events that harnesses research from the fields of cognitive psychology, social psychology, neuroscience, and more. The goal is to drive better outcomes by understanding how people truly think, feel, and act.

By improving an individual’s internal state and fine-tuning external factors, overall satisfaction and retention of messaging improves. People take more in and have a better time doing it. This process of Neuroscaping® allows Debut to go deeper by design.

An ever-growing database of insights helps guide our communication and experiential design, as well as our measurement processes. We constantly update and adapt this guide, based on the latest research. Ask us about it, we’d love to share!

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Events Fail

We’ve all experienced a poorly designed corporate event, where instead of feeling energized and motivated, you feel exhausted.

It can be anything from the colors used in the venue, the scent in the room, the lighting, the order and nature of content delivery, the pacing and spacing of moments of high excitement vs moments of calm and reflection. Or just the sheer cognitive backlog of content.

For the amount of effort it takes to stage an event, and the amount of disruption it creates for those who have to take time out of their daily schedules both at work and at home to attend it, an event needs to deliver a significant return on your investment.

To help you protect your investment, we’d like to share the top 5 reasons why events fall short and what to do about it.

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