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Since 1997, Debut has designed and produced business meetings and events that provoke with purpose. We operate at the intersection of leading edge neuroscience research and creative expertise to engineer audience experiences with deep motivational impact. In our quest to increase the ROI on your experiences, we’ve honed our approach over the years to incorporate the latest learnings from scientific research on all aspects of experience design. No other event design firm has invested as much in using science to augment the effectiveness of its creative solutions.
We take great care to understand businesses holistically, helping organizations reach their people in ways that are genuinely meaningful and motivating to those who sell their products, services and brands. We’re driven to expect more—of ourselves, our clients, and our work—always pushing the obvious aside to do something fresher, bolder and more inspiring.
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Ben MoorsomPresident & Chief Creative Officer
Ben Moorsom is the creator and world’s leading practitioner of Neuroscaping™. Since founding the Debut Group in 1997, he has made it his mission to challenge and disrupt the conventions of business communications with new approaches that engage and deeply motivate audiences. By applying advances from psychology and neuroscience, Ben and his team turn audiences into active participants. They use Neuroscaping™ techniques to cut through the noise and competition at the gateway to the human mind, making their clients’ messages top-of-mind. Ben is a frequent keynote speaker and co-conspirator at global conferences on communication thought leadership, from Las Vegas to London to Kiev.
Michael SweetnamVice President Corporate Development
A 20-year veteran of both the tech and the consulting wars, Michael knows what it takes to grow a business, and knows a business with growth potential when he sees it. He excels at aligning client needs with the needs of the business. He understands that only by delivering superior service will Debut be able to continue to invest in the talent, technology and science that will drive the firm’s global growth. A natural and seasoned leader, his gentle but firm style enables him to do what he loves to do best: inspire others.
Patricia AndraosDirector of Integrated Marketing & Client Strategy
Patricia is responsible for managing and executing the Debut Group’s short-term and long-term marketing strategy across North America. She leads the proposal development process for all new and existing Debut client accounts. Patricia excels at deciphering a client’s unmet and unspoken needs, and then guiding the Debut team to address them. She is able to translate client needs into a language that the creative team understands. Her experience in event planning and education in marketing and business strategy allows Patricia to wear many hats, but whether she is identifying growth opportunities, bringing offers like neuroscaping™ to market, or nurturing relationships with both clients and colleagues, she wears them all strategically.
Marianne GalbergDirector of Operations
Marianne manages the delicate balance between human needs and business priorities. In her role, she uses her eye for the big picture and the long game to design and implement infrastructure improvements that will serve clients more effectively, optimize team performance and drive business growth. With an academic background in psychology and social science, Marianne leverages her capacity for empathy to remove obstacles that stand in the way of both client satisfaction and employee development.
Anna EmmanouilDirector of Production
Anna brings a strategic lens to production management. With oversight of the entire production process from resourcing the best providers to ensuring the creative team’s ideas come to life, she leverages 20 years of experience in the creation and delivery of everything from TV documentaries for the Discovery Channel to corporate events and communications for Fortune 500 companies. Her mandate is to build a top notch, client-centric production team, mentoring new talent and helping senior talent reach higher.
Where experience design is fortified with neuroscience.
We fuse marketing and neuroscience to create experiences that make traditional returns on event investment look pale by comparison.

Experience Design

Debut utilizes the latest thinking in neuroscientific research to curate fully layered and immersive experiences that engage the senses, ignite the imagination, arouse curiosity and draw your people in.
  • Experience Design & Management
  • Cinematic Design, Video & Motion Graphics
  • Theme Graphics and Logo Development
  • Strategic Content Delivery
  • Immersive Technology
  • Live Show Production

Content Creation

Debut’s in-house studio designs, produces and edits psychologically-powered corporate and training content that engages and inspires
  • Mixed Media Projects
  • Creative direction
  • Script writing & Storyboarding
  • Multimedia Animations
  • Theme Graphics and Logo Development
  • Sound design

Communications Planning

Debut builds and delivers original concepts, innovative solutions, and memorable communication campaigns that engage employees and move them to act.
  • Internal communication initiatives
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Incentive Campaigns
  • Promotional & Event Marketing

Instructional Design

Debut designs experiential workshops that apply behavioral psychology and neuroscience  to your content to achieve greater retention, motivation and satisfaction from participants.
  • Disruptive, Experiential and Immersive Learning experiences
  • Video-Based Learning sessions
  • Simulations
  • Gamification
  • Learner-Led & Instructor-Led

Neuroscape™ Consulting

Debut goes deep by conducting event audits and then identifying opportunities where science can be applied to impact information retention, engagement and your event’s ROI.
  • Science-based Event Design
  • Redefining Experiences
  • Immersive Technology
  • Corporate Vision Development

Presenter Development

Debut’s experienced team of trained presenter coaches work with speakers to design and develop compelling content and deliver it with impact.
  • Mind-Mapping Content
  • Identifying Points of Power
  • Scriptwriting
  • Attention Restoration Techniques
  • Pre & On-site Presentation Coaching & Mentoring

We create a climate for interaction. For engagement. For inspiration. For results.

Science takes you further.

What is Neuroscaping™?

Neuroscaping is the application of neuroscience & psychology to event design. It impacts every touchpoint in the event experience, from set-up and seating to soundscape design to message delivery. Debut uses Neuroscaping to leverage the latest findings from behavioral science, psychology and adult learning to move audiences in meaningful ways, using story to stir them into action.

How is Neuroscaping applied to your event?

Every touchpoint of a live experience is mapped, incorporating emerging methods backed by science to increase immersion and message retention. We integrate cutting edge techniques that engage all the senses, while activating the human brain both consciously and subconsciously.

Why use Neuroscaping™?

With the strategic use of technology, the architecture of compelling narrative, and design specifically engineered to reach participants on multiple levels, Neuroscaping allows us to connect more deeply with the minds of those experiencing a Debut event. It enables us to counteract the many challenges faced by conventional experience design.

How does Neuroscaping harness the brain to get results?

We can drive messages to that place deep inside where the emotions live. Neuroscaping tells us how and when to infuse the content with emotional stimuli that deepen its impact and inspire action.
We engineer emotional experiences that motivate and mobilize your audience to act.

Co-Conspirators that embraced Neuroscaping™

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